Lo-Fi Content Creation

Here at Unfazed, we produce a wide range of content for brands big and small.

From high production value content for big product launches to simpler imagery for social media, to video content that tells stories – we love working on it all.

With the massive focus on Social Media as a tool to engage with consumers, the demand for imagery, video and visual content has shifted in recent years from an outright aim for maximum quality, to a new perspective of great content produced in larger quantities.

We’ve been working hard to offer a solution to your social media content needs.

Lo Fi & Humble Content

Lo Fi or Humble Content is your answer to the increasing demands for assets for social media. Rather than working on a photography shoot with the aim of producing 3-5 meticulous images, we’ve pioneered a method of creating enough content from each shoot to fuel your social media channels for weeks, even months with the correct strategy. From just 3 shoots we can provide an entire years worth of social media content giving you the tools to engage with your audience.

What is Lo Fi content?

Lo Fi content is a term for simpler imagery, made in larger quantities. Essentially Lo Fi means Low Fidelity, or ‘Not as Good’.

Now, we’re not about producing work that isn’t good. After-all anyone could do that. What we do is create an opportunity for nice, professional quality imagery – produced in larger quantities.

This of it as consumer generated content, that you control.

Imagery that speaks directly to your target market, that doesn’t seek to alienate or flex over them.

Humble Content

We’re coining the term Humble Content; simple, honest imagery and videos that add to your brands message communicate your values and showcase your offering in a realistic setting.

Using a combination of professional equipment and consumer image making tools, we can produce a suite of assets around a theme tha you can deploy across a period of time, removing the constant stress of ‘what to post next’.

How Lo Fi Content Creation Works

Depending on the products you have and their uses, we can work with you to create concepts to build staged scenes around. Simple set ups ranging from tabletop images, to lifestyle and kitchen settings – anything that will show your brand and products in an environment that is recognisable and will put the consumer in the mindset to interact with your brand.

From these staged scenes we’ll generate a suite of assets from photos to videos that can be dripped out on your social media over a period of time.

Striking a balance between quality and quantity and bringing our wealth of experience in Product Photography, Product Videography, Food Styling and marketing enables you to get a vast array of content ready to fill your channels.