Ecommerce Photography

If you are launching a new product or looking to drive more sales of an existing product then great product photography is a must.

Professional ecommerce photography gives shoppers that all important first impression of your product, helps them to judge its quality, features and benefits and also the trustworthiness of your brand.

You’ll find plenty of articles online telling you that all you need to take great product photographs is your smartphone and a desk lamp – but if it really was that simple why would top brands with incredibly slick images invest so much of their marketing budget in professional photography? Do you imagine the product photographs for Audi, Dyson or Rolex have been taken on a smartphone? Smartphones are amazing but if you’re serious about your brand and increasing your sales then you shouldn’t be considering using one to take product photos! 

Ecommerce products are usually shot on a white background, often featuring a subtle reflection or shadow. If you’ve ever tried to do your own product photography you’ll have very quickly found that getting clean consistent lighting and a pure white background is actually really tricky! This comes down to lighting. A professional product photographer will have a selection of lights and diffusion materials that can be used to design the right lighting effect, so that products appear evenly lit, stand out from the background and ensures there are no unsightly reflections.

But of course, all the best equipment is useless if you don’t have the skills and experience to be able to use it. A professional product photographer will be able to work with you to understand how you want your products to look and meet your brief in terms of showing off the features and benefits. 

Ecommerce Photography Services

At Unfazed we specialise in high-end product photography to really show off your products. We also produce a special product photography package for Amazon sellers, helping to ensure product listings meet the strict seller guidelines for product photography.  

Ecommerce Photography Pricing

Professional ecommerce photography can vary a lot in price but most companies will provide  quotes relating to how many products you want photographed and most will have a minimum project fee.  At Unfazed we can provide quotes on a product by product basis (ideal if you have a lot of products that you need photographed and want to keep your costs low.) We also offer special packages for Amazon product photography, which include a set number of images, lifestyle images and infographics detailing any measurements and weights you need to include within your online listings.

If you’re looking for great Ecommerce Photography – contact us for a quote today