Do you have days where you can’t think of anything to drive your business forward?

We’ve helped hundreds of photographers to grow their businesses and now we’ve distilled this experience into 95 easy-to-implement tips.

(You can even put them on your phone and swipe through in those moments you want marketing inspiration, you’re feeling stuck… or when you’re on the toilet.)

So, ready to get started with 95 easy to implement tips?

We’ve all had those days.

Days where you wake up thinking

“I’m going to fix my business today”

Then you sit in front of your computer and nothing.

No ideas. No plans. No momentum.

95 Simple Ways is the cure for those days.

95 Simple ways is the result of our years of helping photographers grow their businesses.

It’s a swipe file of momentum, guaranteed to get your business moving in the right direction.

You get 95 simple ways to improve your photography business, from easy-to-implement marketing strategies to networking ideas, to SEO tips.

What’s in the book?

95 Easy-to-action tips and ideas guaranteed to kick-start your business.

Strategies to try when you’re all out of ideas.

Motivation to get started when you don’t know what to try.

Who’s it for?

Photographers that want to grow their business, get more bookings + make more money.

Photographers that aren’t sure what to try next to grow their business.

Photographers that are afraid to put in the effort to create a successful business.

What do I get?

A 97 Page, PDF eBook full of easy-to-action tips.

Instant Download so you can get straight to work.

Designed for your phone for easy swiping through the tips.


We’re so confident, that if you try everything in this book and don’t see a return on your £9.50 investment we’ll give you your money back.